The End Of My Doubt – Jackson Co.

The End Of My Doubt - Jackson Co.
Eerie moonlit woods with terrified teens fleeing a shadowy figure / AI Generated

I had just turned 16, and I had just started dating a cousin of my friend. We all decided to stay at his grandmother’s that night, and all of us were very excited and we were planning a night of fun. Mostly we stayed on the large porch on his grandmother’s second story, and we stayed up very late into the night. Even though I have always been very interested in the occult, (my religion being based on it, as with my boyfriend and his mother) I was always very doubtful of things I had felt or had seen. However, when my boyfriend, his three best friends, and I took a walk in the woods that night, we all felt a very oppressing and frightening presence.

My boyfriend and I noticed it long before his friend, and warned them that it would be wise to run. We all sprinted about a half mile to the barn, and the whole way we felt something follow us. It was something that put so much fear into our souls that we were trembling in fright. Even after we made it to the barn, we all still felt uneasy and cautious.

My boyfriend immediately consulted his mother, and told her “It’s back.” They then explained the story of a demon to all of us, and that it haunted certain people. This may seem strange to those reading this, he, but his mother, his friends, and I went back up to the forest. We tried a ritual to banish the demon…but when I saw my beloved dragged out of our hands, across the field, my concentration faltered. I could see the grass bending in front of him as he struggled to get away! His mother screamed incantations and suddenly he was let go. We all headed back to the old farmhouse, with a sense of false confidence.

After his mother went to bed, we all stayed up and talked. About two in the morning, we all acquired the eerie feeling again and my friend and his cousin woke up immediately and began to complain of chest pains, and that she felt like something was squeezing her heart. My boyfriend and I had no choice but to begin the ritual again without his mother’s help.

When he moved, I stayed away from the farmhouse for the most part…but that did not help me. One night, a few months later, I was about to fall asleep, when something caused me to sit bolt upright in bed. There, in the chair directly across from me, was a shadowy figure, and I felt the same fear I had felt the weekend we had confronted the demon. It quickly disappeared, but I sat up all night in fear and tension. To this day, I am especially careful about when and where I go alone.

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