The Crazy Old Lady Next Door

The Crazy Old Lady Next Door
Trifles / Susan Glaspell
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There’s a house right above our house on a hill. I have been told stories since I was 27 I’m now 47, but I know what really happened, because my mom and this lady were best friends. There was this lady Ms. Kaptis and her husband died over some kind of illness. She would not leave the house after that. Eventually she got depressed and a little while later, one of her kids came to visit her and found that she had hung herself on the living room wall.

My daughter knows the people that live there today. She spent the night with them one night. The next day she came home terrified and I asked her what was the matter. She told me that the rope, nail and blood stains are still on that living room wall today. She also told me that late at night you can hear a woman crying. She said you can hear footsteps and you can hear somebody beating a nail into the wall. She said that after that, you can hear a rope tighten and a lady gasp for her very last breath of air.

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