The Crying Baby

The Crying Baby
Cornfield / Stock Photo

I live on an old country road called Grassy Creek and right about 100 yards, further up the main road is Leatherwood Hollow. It has had a bad name because it is full of panthers and there has supposed to been many violent things happen up there. My great grandma when she was younger and able to work in the corn patch, was out late at night getting some corn to pick for the next morning for breakfast, she was picking corn and she thought she saw something white-like floating down the road and she looked closer and saw that it was riding a horse. It was like a human body, and it was headless and there was blood stains where the head used to be and it was riding back up the road toward her and it came within 35 yards of her, and she almost passed out. She started moving briskly toward the house and it followed her all the way out to the house then as she went inside it galloped away.

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