The Bride’s Head

The Bride's Head
Ghostly apparition in a dim, old bedroom scene / AI Generated

This is an old story told to me by my mother. I believe it to be true, because my mother is a Christian and never lies about anything.

It all happened a long time ago, before I was even born. My mother and dad were getting ready for bed. My uncle lived with them at the time and he slept up stairs.

My dad fell asleep, and my mother was having a hard time going to sleep. They had an old suitcase in the corner of the house.

Mother rolled over, when all at once a woman’s head came through the wall and was looking up stairs toward where my uncle was sleeping.

Mother told me she could not move at all. Almost like, she was hypnotized. Mother said the woman’s head was beautiful, light red hair, pretty face, and had a white vial on, just like a bride.

Then the head set down on the suitcase and looked right at her, then looked up stairs, and slowly back up and went back through the wall, the same way it came. Mother said she could move then, and started screaming, and ran out. Finally, dad calmed her down and they went back to bed, even though they never got much sleep that night.

Moreover, to this day mother stands to it, and said she will never forget it.

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