Strange Happenings In Panther

Strange Happenings In Panther
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My name is Amanda and I’m 15 years old. I live in Panther, WV and within the past 3 years a lot of strange things have been happening to me and my family. In the 80’s my cousins used to play with Ouija boards and things of that nature and a lot of things happened to them. Exactly 20 years later some of the same things started happening to me and my cousins. Anyway my uncle is a preacher and his name is Elbert Justice and he has said that back in the late 1800’s there used to be these people named Happy Jack and Mamie. Jack was a warlock and Mamie was a witch. They put a spell on this girl that lived in the hollow and she got very sick. Her mom and dad called in a preacher to see if he could do anything for her. The preacher told them that she had a spell on her, and the only way to find out about it was to go in the woods to a certain tree, and beat the snot out of it. As stupid as it may sound… it worked. The next day Happy Jack and Mamie had broken bones and black eyes and everything. They said that a bridge fell through with them. After that day, nobody saw them again. The thing is Happy Jack and Mamie used to live on my family’s land. Could they be the cause of all of these things happening? I don’t know for sure. Sometimes you can sit in my room and see some kind of lights flying by my window and other times you can hear cows and pigs.

When these things started to happen, we thought that maybe if we played with an Ouija board we could find out something. Big mistake… that only made it worse. It seems like ever since we did that, it has made things a lot more stranger. I can be lying in bed at night and something will get in the bed with me… one time it got on top of me and I couldn’t breathe and then it blew really hard in my face then left.

There has been so many things happen to me that it would be impossible to tell them all at one time. I was reading today that one sign of a place being haunted is if you have frequent headaches. My mom has headaches a lot and most of the time she just lies in bed and cries. Maybe its a migraine and maybe its not. There’s a lot of other things like waking up with a feeling of a presence in the room, a sense that you are being watched, cold spots in your house, and flickering lights. All of these things happen all the time.

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