Strange Encounters At Pipestem State Park

Strange Encounters At Pipestem State Park
Pipestem State Park / Stock Photo

I do not know if I am the only person to ever see this, or if others have seen such things also.

I am a seasonal employee of Pipestem Resort State Park. The supervisors prefer to have guys work the night shifts whenever possible. For some reason, they think that men would have a better chance of not losing the money for the night deposit if jumped or some such thing. But I’m getting off track.

One night in the summer of 2003, I was leaving work. Everything was going like it usually did. I had gotten into my car, put all of my stuff into the passenger seat, locked my door, and buckled up. Which was a nightly routine for me. I was tired and just wanted to come home and get in bed. Well, this one particular night, I experienced something different, something other then the ordinary.

It was a little foggy outside and I thought, “Oh Great, now I have to be careful and watch for deer.” I was pulling out of my parking space, and for some reason, I looked to my left, and was very astonished by what I saw there. Emerging from the fog I saw a ghost. He was riding a solid white horse and dressed in clothes from what I believe to be about the 17th century. I thought maybe my mind was just playing games with me, and using the fog to make things up. I looked down for a second, and when I looked back up, the ghost was still there. But, this time when I looked at him, he was looking back at me. Then to my surprise, he gave me a friendly smile, and started off down the road on his horse. I saw him fade into the distance. I went and made my deposit, still having a picture in my minds eye of the ghost smiling at me. Well, I thought that since he didn’t do me any harm, everything was fine.

I started home, and as I was driving along the road, I saw a strange light up ahead in one of the fields. There were no lights there that I knew of, so I slowed down and looked over. That was when I totally became scared out of my wits. Fog was floating low on the ground, and dancing through it, there were ghosts, all dressed as if they were at a ball.

Looking away to make sure my car was still on the road and I was not going to run into any signs, I saw I was drifting into the other lane and there was a car coming. Luckily, I had enough time to get back in my lane without causing problems for anyone. Looking to my left again, to see if the ghosts were still there, I saw nothing.

Although I have lived in Pipestem all of my life, I have never really been interested in its history. But, with this encounter, I wonder, on the site of Pipestem State Park, long before it was even thought of, did there stand a grand house? If so, was there a ball there one night that some how never ended? It makes me wonder.

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