Tea Time

Tea Time
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This is entirely true. It was the summer of 1994, and I was 13 years old. I do not remember the city because it was a short visit, and I am from a large town in Florida. Telling this still gives me chills.

My father is half Cherokee and was born in West Virginia. I do not know him, but he used to tell my mom a lot of folklore about it.

That is why when I came home and told her this story she believed me one hundred percent, even though she does not believe in ghosts.

I went to New Jersey for one month to get to know my younger cousins I do not see that often. During my stay, there was a family reunion for my Aunt (not blood relative) in West Virginia. She asked me if I wanted to go with her and the kids, and I said yes.

When we arrived, my Aunt, cousins, and her relatives all went to sleep. I had trouble falling asleep on a love seat in the living room. I was awaken by a noise, as soon as I fell asleep. It started low, so I sat up to hear it better. Then it gradually got louder.

It sounded like a dog collar rattling, you know, when a dog scratches it neck. Relieved I laid back down. It got even louder, and I realized they did not have a dog. It was clearly coming from the kitchen so I got up to look around.

I followed the noise to an old china hutch with dusty glass doors. I looked inside and one single teacup sat on a saucer shaking back and forth. As quickly as it stared, it stopped.

Nothing else in the hutch was moving. The hutch doors were closed, so it could not have been the wind, and if the ground had been shaking, more than one teacup would move.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Moreover, no I did not tell my aunt, or cousins. I just stayed up all night, wondering whom or what wanted a cup of tea.

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