Spooked By The Light

Spooked By The Light
Headlights / Stock Photo

This story is similar to the Fayette County – Lick Fork Rd. (Witchy Hollow) Story. I was driving South on Rt. 79 in 1991. I was between the Sutton exit and Rt. 19 exit. While driving I saw bright headlights coming at me in my rear view mirror, but as soon as the looked like it is going to crash into me, it suddenly disappeared. I thought maybe it turned off since it was dusk but it was a straightaway and we would have seen it. I had a friend with me in the passenger seat who witnessed the same thing. In 1992, it happened again. One week later, it happened again. I always had some one else in the car to witness the same account. I have heard that there was a terrible car accident on an over pass near there where a car hit a tractor-trailer in 1989/90 but that is all I know.

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