The Greenbrier County Monster

The Greenbrier County Monster
Hunting Dog / Stock Photo

I have never seen the Greenbrier County monster, but my father, brothers, and many other hunters have all seen “something”.

My family and I are avid rabbit hunters, and as are many close friends of the family. One January day in 1998, my father and two brothers went hunting with some friends in Greenbrier County. I was unable to go because I was sick and after hearing their story, I’m glad I was.

According to them, the day started out as any other, sunny but a little chilly, with a light covering of snow on the ground. They had walked most of the day and had no luck in seeing any rabbits. The dogs had been trailing another animal, but they weren’t running it like they would a deer. My Dad said that the dogs seemed to be uneasy and stayed only a few yards out in front of him and the others. He said that as they started up a hill, one of the dogs sprinted off the other side, barking frantically. The other dogs soon followed. Thinking the dogs had caught wind of a rabbit, my dad and the other hunters ran to the top of the hill. As they reached the top they looked down into a small field and saw a large black creature. My Dad said it was much too large to be a dog and it was running at an incredible rate of speed. He said it would look back at them every couple of steps, growl, and show it’s teeth. It soon disappeared into the woods. Worried that it would hurt one of the dogs, they rounded all of them up and headed home.

I’ve heard of the Greenbrier county monster before. Could this be it?

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