Scarbro Trailer Haunting – Fayette County

Black Figure
Shadow Ghost / Stock Photo

Back in June I moved into a trailer with my boyfriend, his brother, and one of my friends at the time. At first everything seemed pretty normal but my boyfriend and his brother told me about how they believed there was something following my boyfriend around. They said it started in a house down Page around 5 years before we got together. Down in Page my boyfriend and his brother shared  a room. For a few days, my boyfriend was hearing stuff on and off, sounding like something was scratching on the hallway by their room.

One night he decided to put a camcorder up on a counter so that you could see the hallway and he went to bed. Now remember, there was no doors behind the camcorder, you could see if someone moved it. It ended up moved with nothing showing why it had moved and you could also hear footsteps and the scratching again. That night a big black figure showed up in their doorway and woke them up. Slowly walking towards their beds while scratching the walls. Needless to say, they left the house until day light .

Now to what happened in the trailer. We had lived in the trailer for maybe two weeks. I was pretty comfortable but one night I had the feeling of something watching me. It freaked me out so bad I wouldn’t leave my boyfriend’s side. It was so bad that when he had to go to the bathroom, I stayed right by the door (this is not normal for me at all I usually am one of the first people to investigate something).

While still in the bathroom he finally asked me what was wrong. I told him I had the intense feeling of someone watching me. He told me that we should just go to bed, but he had a freaked out look on his face.

We laid down but he kept looking from our bedroom door to our closet, our bed was right up against the closet doorway and it didn’t have a door. I didn’t think anything about it and got comfortable (I sleep with my feet outside of the bottom of my blanket). We didn’t have power yet so we had candles lit to see our way and it was around 9, so it was dark outside.

As I was laying there I felt something grab my foot I jerked my foot up fast putting it under my blanket. My boyfriend looked at me and tells me to slowly grab the candle and go to his brother’s room down the hall.

I climbed over my boyfriend and as I am lifting the candle up, it goes out without a reason, my boyfriend screams for me to run and I do. I run so hard I hit two walls on the way with the candle still in my hand splashing wax all over them.

As I run down the hallway I hear foot steps thinking it was my boyfriend and I run into his brother’s room. His brother runs out and I turn around and realize my boyfriend was still in our bedroom.

Finally they both come walking fast down the hallway and as they get to the door, it jerked back, they kept a hold of it and finally got it shut. We slept in my boyfriend’s brother and girlfriend’s room that night on the floor. You could hear whatever it was banging on the doors and walls and throwing stuff all night.

After that at around 10 PM until 2:30 AM every night, if you walked by he living room, you could see something walking around our kitchen and hear it stomping all through our trailer.

Another night my boyfriend, his brother and I (his brothers girlfriend was at a friends house) were hanging out in living room. My boyfriend’s brother fell asleep on the sectional couch so I covered him up with my grey fuzzy blanket. When we went to bed I laid down in bed and he went to the bathroom. Not five minutes after we left the living room (with my boyfriend still in the bathroom) we heard a big bang like slamming noise and his brother screaming his name and I see him run down the hallway. As my boyfriend runs out of the bathroom I run out of my room down the hallway to them.

Finally his brother tells us what happened and shows us his chest. He has what looked like 5 claw marks running from his shoulder and across his chest curving down his side a little above his hip. Turns out he got work up from the slamming noise with the blanket thrown off of him and his chest burning.

When he got up to run down the hallway he said it felt like someone tried to push him down. We stayed in his room that night. For some reason nothing ever happened to us in his room. It seemed like whatever was tormenting us couldn’t get in and finally got tired of trying. The morning after the scratching, our coffee table was turned over and a lot of our stuff was thrown everywhere .

The last big thing to happen before we finally moved out, was one night my boyfriend and I was sitting in the living room around 1:30 in the morning. I was reading off of my phone and he was playing a game on the TV. I had something thrown at me. I felt the wind off of whatever it was and seen something fly across my line of vision. I took off running and had a panic attack in my boyfriend’s brother’s room. Finally after I got calmed down, we decided it was time to leave.

My question is, what is this thing and why is it following my friend. How can something you can’t even see touch you?

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