Old Jail

Old Jail
West Virginia State Penitentiary / Wikimedia Commons
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I went to the West Virginia Penitentiary it was very scary.

I went to the jail for just a normal tour. I went on a Sunday with my dad and my mom. We just thought that it was going to be a normal tour but it was not. It was at night, so that really did not help the situation. First, when we went in, there was a horrible smell.

Then we heard voices that we thought were saying “help I am trapped”. At first, I thought I was crazy then my mom and dad started hearing them too. I asked the tour guide if he heard anything and he said “no”, he was use to the sounds that could not be explained.

The tour guide took us in this wheel type of a thing; he said it was used so the prisoners could not run to the exit. We then went to look at the cells. However, as we were doing that, we heard a sound like something was rotating around and looked back to see the wheel moving a little bit. My mom said she did not see it but we knew she could. The tour guide said, “There you see”. I believed it was a ghost.

Therefore, we made our way to the hole. I felt a very cold feeling, as we got closer. I cannot describe the hole, but when we were in it, I was terrified. I felt a person touch my back I looked around and no one was there. The tour guide said that he felt it also. My mom started to feel a little scared and we decided to leave and not take the rest of the tour. Once again, we went to the wheel going through the opposite way, the guide escorted us out to our car. Once inside the car we could hear voices saying “come back, I am trapped”. I will never go back to that place ever again.

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