Twin Falls

Twin Falls
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I am pagan and I have read a lot about seances. A group of friends pressured me into conducting one, even though I had never held one before. We went to a cemetery in Twin Falls; it was an older cemetery and there is a play area within the same area that it is located. My friends and I went to the play area and waited for dusk and for the families to leave.

After we had the area to ourselves, we went into the graveyard and chose the middle of the graveyard to do our seance. We lit candles and I cast a circle of protection around our group because I didn’t know what would happen. There was four people – me, my boyfriend Mike, and our friends Steve and Chuck.

We set in a circle around a candle and concentrated on the area around us. We meditated and focused on finding an entity around us. I was deeply into meditation and unaware of what was happening around me. I had a weird feeling and I looked up to find everyone in our group looking at me and they said that I had jumped and when I had jumped all the crickets had stopped.

We were in a park and no crickets could be heard… when a few minutes before they could be. It was a creepy feeling. Mike and Chuck decided they didn’t want to do this any more so they left the cemetery and sat at the swings. Me and Steve were intrigued and decided to continue on. We meditated some more and at the same time, both of us looked up and started talking about the creepy feeling we had.

We looked back at Mike and Chuck to see them staring at us. Mike and Chuck started waving for us to come over to them. Steve and I decided we had had enough and joined our friends at the swings. Mike and Chuck began telling us that a shadow had blocked us completely from their view for a few seconds, but that this shadow had been moving.

They said it was this dark thing that kept walking past me and Steve and when it would walk in Mike and Chucks view of us, Steve and I couldn’t be seen through it. We left immediately after hearing this… there was nothing in between us that could have blocked their view from us. I haven’t been back to the cemetery because I remember the creepy feeling that Steve and I had and it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

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