An Encounter With The Unknown

An Encounter With The Unknown
Trail in the Woods / Stock Photo
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One day I was walking the four-wheeler paths back in the woods. I walked about a mile and came on the top of a hill and out of the corner of my eye; I saw what appeared to be some type of ghost or creature with wings in the top of an old dead tree.

It flapped its wings, the sound of the wings were bizarre. I thought it could maybe have been the Mothman. It looked like it was between a white and grayish color. It terrified me, I ran as fast as I could back down the trails all the way to the main county road.

When I stopped, I was so out of breath, my throat was so dry it was like sand. I thought I was going to vomit. My heart was racing, and I could not go another step with out resting. I have never told this story before, that is until now.

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