Mysterious TV Images

Mysterious TV Images
Scrambled Television Image / Stock Photo
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Every night around 2am, anyone who is in my house can hear noises or someone walking when everyone is in bed. It was around 1:30 to 2am, my sister and her friend were up on a Saturday night playing some kind of a Nintendo game and my brother was there watching them. They kept hearing things like people walking down the hallway. They ignored it for a while.

All of a sudden, the cabinet door opened and the lights started flickering, they got scared, so they turned the game off. About ten seconds later, the TV and game came back on. As my brother was going to unplug it, an image came on the TV and then it just went away. To this day, they still do not know why or what it was. We still hear things in this house, but to hear them tell this, they would make you feel like you were there with them at the time!

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