Miner’s Premonition

Miner’s Premonition
Coal Mine Mantrip / Stock Photo

This story was told to me by my brother who is a coal miner in a local coal mine. Robby, my brother operates a “man trip”, a sort of miniature train that carries miners and supplies into and out of the coal mine. He stated that he had taken supplies into the face of the mine and was on his way back out to unload the trash and excess from the man trip. Robby had been lying on the man trip w/ his eyes closed for several minutes while the machine traveled on the rails back to the surface when he had a strange feeling come over him.

He stated that he felt as if someone was reaching out to touch him. Now cowardice to the unexplained runs in our family, so Robby quickly opened his eyes to see if he could find anywhere on the man trip to maneuver away from this foreboding feeling when he saw running or floating beside the machine, a ghostly looking young girl. According to Robby, she appeared to be about six years old and had long stringy dirt filled hair. Robby stated that her eyes were empty sockets of blackness.

My brother informed me that it appeared as if the rafe was attempting to reach out for the motor of the man trip. The apparition appeared to him for only a few seconds before disappearing. Robby questioned several of his co-workers, but they all just laughed off the story and informed him that he was crazy.

Several weeks went by and my brother put his sighting into the back of his mind, or at least tried to do so. On his way back into the mine he was informed that some of his co-workers had been traveling into the mine and that a cable mounted to the roof of the mine had broken, dropping some equipment onto their man trip. This had missed the miners by mere feet.

The strange twist to the story is that this “accident” had taken place at nearly the same location as where my brother had seen his ghostly premonition!

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