Lost Soldiers

Lost Soldiers
Cemetery across from Harpers Ferry Middle School / Google Maps

I was born and raised in West Virginia. I use to live in Bolivar near Harpers Ferry growing up. Near Harpers Ferry Middle School (then known as Harpers Ferry Jr. High), there was a cemetery across the street. There are some soldiers from the civil war buried there. My friend Tiffany, her sister, my sister, my then boyfriend Scott, and his brothers would always go out walking the streets at night. On this one Halloween, I suggested we sit in the cemetery for a while since I heard it was haunted.

My best friend Tiffany, her sister, my then boyfriend Scott and his brothers went to the cemetery, we walked around for hours. When we got to the end of a little walkway that we were walking down, we seen two people that were dressed like soldiers. We thought they were the reactors that get together every year to reenact the civil war.

Tiffany yelled out, “Hey what are you guys doing here, its dark out?” The soldiers turned around and looked at us. They were confused and started staring at a grave for a very long time. One of the soldiers looked at us and asked, “excuse me kids, what date is it?” I looked at the solider and said, “Sir it’s October 31, 1998.” Just then when my boyfriend and his brothers came to where my best friend, her sister, and I were… the soldiers had disappeared.

The next day we walked up to the cemetery and looked at the graves the soldiers were seen standing by. My best friend got there first and there were pictures on the grave. She gasped and called for me. I came running and I looked at the graves. I saw the pictures of the two soldiers we seen the night before. It was then we realized those soldiers were not actors, they were ghosts of the real soldiers from the civil war.

After that, we never went back to the cemetery during Halloween night.

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