The Little Blue House

The Little Blue House
Old Blue House / Stock Photo

So this story didn’t happen to me personally, it happened to my dad’s brother and sister-in-law and their two kids, however, I’ve heard it told so many times I feel like I was there.

Anyway, it was around 1983-1984, my family lived in this little blue house in Guyandotte, WV. To properly tell this story though there’s three parts I have to tell that lead up to probably the creepiest ghost story I’ve ever heard.

First, I need to explain the layout of the house. This house was a two-story building when you walked in the front door, there was a foyer that you entered into before entering the living room, as you continued to walk into the house, from the living room there was a dining room, the kitchen, and a master bedroom, from the dining room and the set of stairs that led to the second story. From the moment they moved in no one would go upstairs unless they absolutely had too. It just had a bad vibe, they always felt like they were being watched. So as you go up the stairs, they led out to the middle of a hallway at one end was bedrooms and at the other end of the hallway was a little door that led out to the roof. My uncle, stapled plastic around all the windows upstairs and nailed the little door shut. The bathroom was also located upstairs and it was the only full bathroom in the whole house. So my family settled into their new home and nothing seemed out of the normal until they noticed a few unexplained things began happening.

One day, my uncles daughter, Cindy, side note we all called her “Sissy” was playing with her pretty impressive Barbie Doll collection in the foyer. Her mother walked in and said “If you pick up all your dolls and clean up in here you can go to the store with me.” Of course young little Sissy wasn’t going to miss that opportunity. So she dressed all her dolls, organized them all in her totes, and put them away. She left with her mom and that was the end of that, or so they thought. Upon their return home, Sissy hears her mother yelling at her for not putting away her dolls like she told her too. When Sissy finally made it inside to the foyer, confused, what she saw wasn’t explainable. Every single doll had been strung out on the floor and all of it’s doll clothing removed. Except for one single doll, it was a doll from the 1950’s that had the molded hair, it was standing up straight leaned against the wall in a blue formal evening gown. Okay, now I’m going to interject with my opinion, even though my family just fluttered past this encounter like just brushed it off, I can PROMISE you that if dolls are moving around by themselves. I’m out. Like BYE. However, they did let it go and continued on about their lives.

A couple months had passed since the “doll encounter” and little things would happen that weren’t really explainable but weren’t a big deal so no one really paid them any mind. I will say that from their telling of the story, the two kids were more afraid than the parents were. Which according to every horror movie I’ve ever seen, sounds about right. Sissy and her brother Frankie, never stayed in their rooms upstairs they both always slept downstairs in the living room. One night, however, their cousin decided to stay the night so my aunt Janey told them that they’d need to bring a mattress from upstairs down to the living room so that everyone had somewhere to sleep that night. So all three kids went upstairs to carry a mattress down, their cousin was in the front, Sissy was holding one handle on the side with both hands and Frankie was on the other side holding the mattress with both hands. They got about halfway down the stairs when their cousin just takes off head first down the stairs. Her head literally went through the wall. They pulled her out, she was bawling her eyes out, didn’t have a scratch on her but was screaming “Sissy, pushed me down the stairs.” Frankie and Sissy both just stared at each other in disbelief. Finally, Frankie speaks up and says, “Sissy was holding the mattress with both hands, no one pushed you.” What their cousin had to say next was the turning point for them in starting to realize that maybe there were strange forces here at play. Their cousin looked at them with puffy red eyes but a seriousness in her eyes. “I felt her hand push my back.”

Since that strange encounter things had kind of quieted down again but they were still considerably on edge, however, eventually things went back to their usual norm. Little things here and there but nothing so serious that it made them question their safety.

However, that all was about to change.

My uncle traveled every once in a while to Kentucky for work. One particular night he had to stay overnight and wouldn’t be home until the morning leaving Janey, Sissy, and Frankie alone for the evening. Janey got the kids ready for bed that night and was putting off the need to go take a bath because for some reason that night she just didn’t feel right going upstairs by herself. So she finally mustered up the courage to take a bath. I haven’t had the chance to mention the bathroom. The bathroom was like any normal bathroom I suppose but in the shower there was about a baseball sized hole in the wall. The hole had always been there. As she was taking her bath she couldn’t help but feel that something was inside that hole staring her down. She felt so uneasy she could barely stand it. She ran downstairs, got dressed, called my Uncle Frank, and demanded that he come home now. She said “I can’t stay here alone, I’m too afraid.” So Frank left work and came home for the evening. So time had passed and they couldn’t bring themselves to fall asleep, they both just laid in bed, listening. They kept thinking they heard someone upstairs, so finally Frank got up and said “I’m going to take the dog, and my gun and check upstairs.” Janey continued to lay in bed as she listened to Frank walk upstairs check every room, close the door, then walked back downstairs, it wasn’t until fifteen or twenty minutes had passed that she was concerned as to why Frank hadn’t come back to bed. So she got up and walked out in the dining room, where she found Frank, pointing the gun at the top of the stairs, and who hadn’t even moved a muscle. She looked at the panic in his face, and just asked “what are we going to do?” Before he even had a chance to answer the lights began to flicker. He walked into the living room where both the kids were sleeping. Sissy on one couch and Frankie on another couch. Pacing back and forth Frank keeps saying “Should I go upstairs?” “What should we do?”

Now, I’d also like to inject here again before I continue. I want to give you a little bit of detail about my cousin Sissy. Everyone may have called her Sissy but she was anything less than a Sissy. When it came to a fight or an altercation, she was the first to get involved. She didn’t fear anything and she for her age was pretty blunt. She even to this day is still like that, she’s that person you have in your life that just tells it how it is.

So, continuing to pace and trying to figure out a plan, and freaking out. My cousin who has been in a dead sleep this whole time, rises up from the couch, straight as a board with her arms out in front of her, turns her head to her dad and says “I wouldn’t go up them stairs if I was you, daddy.” Then lies straight back down and goes directly back to sleep. Not as soon as her head hit the pillow though, all hell began to break lose in the little blue house. The lights flickering, was now accompanied by what sounded like a bull running through the hallway upstairs and doors slamming shut. My uncle grabbed the kids, his wife, and ran outside to the backyard to drive everyone to my dad’s house. When he got to the backyard he noticed the curtains swaying back and forth, and the little door that led the roof was opening and closing by itself. Which probably only made him run faster away.

Now mind you when I heard this story the first time, I thought these people must think I really am dumb enough to believe this bull. Until my very religious dad told me that the next day he went with my uncle to collect their belongings and he carrying a Bible couldn’t stay anymore than five minutes in the house. He said as soon as you stepped on the property you could feel a dark presence.

The house is still located in Guyandotte. It still stands to this day, it’s been remodeled since then and actually is a very beautiful house. For a long time, the house always stayed up for rent and many of the neighbors rarely spoke about it. Someone lives their now, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’d sound like an all out creeper, I’d ask them if they’ve ever experienced anything weird.

That’s my ghost story. It’s been told so many times cause it’s a favorite in our family. Hopefully you enjoy it!

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