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I had moved back to my grandparents farm near Lost Creek, WV.  The old house had a bedroom upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs. My parents were upstairs, I was staying downstairs.

My parents had a cat that I loved with all my heart. He hated me and would hide behind doors waiting for me to walk by so he could leap out, claw, and bite me.

About midnight, I am in bed watching TV, I hear something at my door. I quickly realize the cat that totally hates me is pawing at my door again and again trying to get into my room. I ignore it a little bit and finally get up and turn the lights on and let him in.

He darted into my room and leaped up on the bed and I notice the smoke. The entire house is filled with smoke so thick you can not see anything!  I grab the cat and try to run down the hall. My parents are upstairs!  No smoke alarms are even going off!

I grab the cat and scream “fire!”  I do not feel heat and when I got to the bottom of the stairs my parents are running downstairs. I turn around to get the cat outside… the air is 100% clear. No smoke anywhere, a second before had such dense smoke you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. It was perfectly normal. The cat is totally fine with being put down and is back to hating me.

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