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The women on my mother’s side have been given a special talent. They are able to sense the unseen, and predict events to come, or see things as they are happening. It doesn’t skip generations, all the females have this ability, some are more attuned then others. As a child I was very attuned to this ability. It led to ghostly encounters, strange sounds, and the sense of being watched, also of freaking out neighbors and family by stating things that were going to happen and where. The ability went dormant in high school, I convinced myself that there was no such thing as ghosts and that it was just an overactive imagination.

Ironically on Halloween of 1997 the ability came back to me in full force. I knew that someone I knew was dead, I called home frantic that it was a family member. I spoke to my mom, she knew of no one in the family. A few minutes later she called back to tell me an ex-boyfriend had just been killed. Freaky huh? Not as freaky as what happened one March morning in Barboursville.

My finance and I had just moved into a house in Barboursville. It was full of cold spots! The coldest was the bedroom, no matter how high the thermostat was it was always cold. After a few days I began to have bad feelings about the house and was almost always sick and tired. Then I started to hear low murmurers, and they weren’t neighbors out in the yard. I never could make out what they were saying.

The feelings continued, I just ignored them but one March morning they would no longer be ignored. I was awaken by a black dog-like creature jumping onto the foot of the bed, it came toward me. I was calm at that time (I don’t know why) and I managed to ask “it” what it wanted. To my surprise it told me to leave it alone. It was haunting me and had enough ghostly nerve to tell me to leave IT alone! It then disappeared and I was wide awake.

I told my finance that we were moving, something we had already planned on. I don’t know if he sensed something odd about the house, he told me I just dreamed it. He is very skeptical. I would be too hearing a story like this, except I have experienced it most of my life.

Believe it or not, its up to you. However, I believe that part of the “old ways” still reside in mountain families all around WV and KY. There are numerous stories of old “witchy” women, or seers throughout the country, perhaps there was something brought over from the old countries with our families that will continue to run through the generations.

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