Invisible Family

Invisible Family
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When I was younger I lived in my grandfather’s old house in West Virginia. I never knew of any strange happenings there and passed everything off as my overactive imagination. For example, when I first moved into the house, while was sleeping, I heard someone saying my name over and over as if they were trying to wake me up. They succeeded! I woke up and ran into my mother’s room, but she passed it off as someone playing a prank on me. This was no prank.

Later that year, I was up late one night watching TV, while everyone else was in bed. I was turning out the lights to go to sleep when all of a sudden, I heard a baby crying. It was so loud and it was definitely a baby. At the time, my mom tried to pass it off as a panther, but earlier this year (2004), we were talking about it and she told me that she knew it wasn’t a panther. But she was afraid to think of what it actually was. She started to tell me about how when she was young, when her dad was still alive, this light would follow him around the yard at night as he was doing yard work and everyone could see it but him. A lot of strange happenings went on up in that small holler. To this day, I don’t know what happened or what caused these events but if anyone has similar stories please e-mail me at Thanks for listening!

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