If They Had Told Me

If They Had Told Me
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When I lived in Maryland my best friend, David, invited me to his family house in West Virginia. If they would have told me what they told me on the car trip there instead of at home, I would never have gone with them.

The house was is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains just about 30 miles from the Virginia border. It has been in my friend’s family for the last 150 or so years. As the story goes, way back in the days of the civil war my friends aunt met and fell in love with a young man. The war began and he left to fight. Two years past and she (my friend’s aunt) became depressed. She started seeing another man, and the man moved in with her.

But right about that time, the soldier was granted leave and came home only to find that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. At that moment, he simply snapped and shot the two lovers with his rifle in the downstairs bedroom.

To this day (and I have seen it) there remains a bloodstain on the wallboard in the room. If you try to paint over it (I used whiteout) the stain is back the next day.

Another instance happened on the anniversary of the killing when my friend’s mother and grandmother were driving back home from being in town. There is a long road leading up to the house and at one point on it you can see a clear view of the kitchen. They saw caskets laid out on the table and the local constable outside next to a horse drawn hearse. Thinking that a older family member had died, they rushed to the house to find everyone in the living room watching TV.

When my friend’s mother was a little girl she was playing around the family plot and saw a man and a woman in old fashion clothes come out of the woods. Being that the house is miles away from any other house she ran in to get her mother. When they returned outside they found nothing. Later that day while cleaning the downstairs room for a new baby they found a photo of the aunt with a man standing by the woods at the family plot. My friends mother then recognized them from earlier in the day, and insisted this until her mother told her that they had been killed in the civil war by her old boy friend. It was later that she realized she was standing near the grave of the aunt when she saw the couple.

It is also said that if sleep in the murder room on the anniversary the aunt will wake you up and scream in your face.

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