I Am Not Cynical Anymore

I Am Not Cynical Anymore
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I know this may be hard to believe, and I used to be a non-believer, so to speak, but this honest to goodness, swear upon a bible happened to my husband and me.

When I was 17, we moved from Cross Lanes to Elkview due to the death of my father. We did not have much of anything due to legalities, but my mom, brother and I found this awful, run-down older “house-trailer” in Frame. It was infested with mice, old and I hated it. One day I found what looked like a deep, rust brownish-reddish stain in the bathroom around a floor vent that looked like it had soaked into the linoleum. There was also, what looked like a hand print that had stained the area too on the back of the door near the vent and floor. Upon talking to the neighbors, I was told that a woman had been raped and murdered in the place. Ok, like that was not freaky enough. Mom decided it was not true and advised me to do the same. Well, it was not quite so easy.

One night I was home by myself on my phone in my small room with my back to the hallway looking into my mirror just chatting away. I noticed a small white glowing “ball” that was somewhat transparent and about the size of a quarter in the corner of my mirror which faced the hallway. I turned around, looked into the hall and watched it move from the top of the corner of the hall down to my mom’s room at the end of the hallway. I was totally freaking out, but I followed it. I was at my mom’s bedroom door and it seemed to “float” to the ceiling to the corner of her bedroom. Then suddenly, like one pulls a flashlight away from the ceiling and it gets to be a big round light on the wall, which is what this did. It got big and faint then just seemed to suck into the corner of the ceiling. It disappeared. I was screaming and yelling, mom came home, and my friend on the phone thought I was losing it! I was chalked up to being stressed and tired by everyone, of course, no one believed me. Also, keep in mind the timer, the really old ones that buzz, on our stove never worked, we had a few people that are electricians look at it to fix it, but never could, it was a really old stove.

Now fast forward 3 months down the road. We were moving out to a better place and although I never stayed there alone again or said anything to anyone, I always had a “feeling”. I can’t even describe it, maybe I was crazy. Until my now-husband was moving in. That is how we met, he came to look at the place to rent before we moved out and we eventually got together.

Well, he started having the strangest things happen to him. Now realize my husband is Mr. Cynical, outdoorsy, manly-man kind of guy, so he thought he never believed anything like that. He now thought he was going crazy too. I never once mentioned anything to him about my “encounter”.

It so happens that one day he called me freaking out. He slept in a waterbed in what used to be my mom’s room. He wanted to know if I had been to his house while he was sleeping. I said no I hadn’t, he also called everyone he knew and no one had been there. It just so happens that his digital alarm clock that sits on the head of his bed, was sitting at the foot of his bed on the bed rail flashing the time, it was unplugged. I was beginning to think I was not crazy. I then told him of my experience and the supposed rumor of the murder.

Then one night I had stayed the night with him and it happened again. The alarm clock had been moved and was doing the same thing. I know no one had been in the house, then things would happen like the lamps fading in and out, off and on, and most importantly, remember the stove timer/buzzer that did not work. Well, we were awakened one a.m. to that thing buzzing like crazy, we ran into the kitchen and come to find out, the pilot light had gone out in all four burners and was leaking gas into the house, it was almost as if it was warning us.

He ended up leaving and also finding a better place to live, at least we know that we are both not crazy, it never seemed to hurt us or be mean, whatever it was, it was just, I don’t know, THERE. I KNOW this sounds crazy, but after that experience, both my husband and I are not cynical anymore!

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