Foot of My Bed

Foot of My Bed
Shadow People / Stock Photo

I am a pretty down to earth person and not afraid of anything really. I do not take drugs, or drink liquor, so I was in a sound state of mind.

One night in my home, I was having a hard time sleeping. My bedroom is right outside of my living room. Well, I didn’t feel right sleeping in there that night, so I had fallen asleep on my couch when my mother had woke me up at around 11:30 or so. I went to my bedroom and went to sleep. In the middle of a dead sleep, I opened my eyes and felt as if someone was watching me. I sat up only to see a tall man with an angry look on his face staring at me. He was not glowing, or see-through, or anything like that. He looked like a normal person would with just this creepy sense to him. Well in terror, I jump from my bed, ran to my brother’s room, and looked at the clock it said 4:27. I slept in his extra bed that night.

The next evening I was going to try to go back to my bedroom to sleep. I was sitting on the phone with my girlfriend, and all of the lights were off, except for my room; we both heard a loud whistling. I remind you that she was on the other end of the phone, and heard it plain as day, I then ran back to sleep in my brother’s room. I did not sleep in there for many months. Since then, nothing happened in my house.

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