House Of Hauntings

House Of Hauntings
Abandoned House with Cemetery / Stock Photo
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When I was 6 years old, we lived in a house with a graveyard in the backyard. When I first visited the house something about it freaked me out, but it didn’t seem to bother my mom at all. The landlord’s mother was said to have died in the attic (don’t know how).

Once when me and my cousin were playing hide & seek in the graveyard, this man came up to me; he had an old army suit. He told me that his name was John (can’t remember his last name) he told me he died in the army, got shot three times in the chest and then he disappeared. I went to tell my mom and aunt. After I told them they wanted to go and see if it might be true and guess what… they found his gravestone. That house always freaked me out. Every night I would have the same dream after another (since I moved there till I moved out).

One thing that didn’t really freak me out but kind of was funny was when I was upstairs helping my mom with the laundry and I saw this pink car (see through) with 4 people in it. They had subs for heads (strange huh?). I chased them down to the basement but it seemed to disappear by the time I made it to the basement. There were many other things that really scared me!! One was a man who always followed me and told me bad things. There was a very nice one, her name was Sara. I don’t remember much. She followed me to the next house and then after a while I seemed to not see her much. I don’t see them really anymore, but I still hear things and sometimes may see something move on its own.

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