Haunted Weston

Haunted Weston
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV / Stock Photo
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I am a paranormal investigator, I was expecting ghost encounters on this investigation, but not like this.

I was struggling with some things in my personal life and it was really hard to focus during the interviews, so I found a nearby park bench and sat down pulling my jacket over my face. Almost immediately after, an old man with a deep country accent, a blue button up shirt, and ragged jeans sat down next to me.

I removed the jacket from my face as he asked, “what seems to be the trouble miss?” I explain to him the things I hadn’t told anyone yet as he nods along showing concern. “Don’t you worry I’m sure everything will be alright”, he said.

I look down at my feet pondering on what he said before looking back up and saying “thank y–” but, he was gone… I looked away for no more than 5 seconds, there’s no way he could’ve got up let alone walked off completely out of sight.

My teammate came and asked who I was looking at and I told him no one, trying to convince myself the encounter never happened. Later that night, still bothered by the whole thing, I scrolled through the newspaper. I stop as I look in the obituaries and see a face I couldn’t mistake, the face of the man in blue who I saw only hours ago. He died three days before I talked to him from a sudden heart failure. Whether or not you believe, make Weston your next destination and tell me if you encounter this man.

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