Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel?
Guardian Angel / Stock Photo

I had lost my dad at a young age of 14. My dad was my hero. He was our world. My family is a close family in which we share our happiness, dreams, sorrows, disappointments… all of it!

I was on my way home after visiting with my mother. There was myself and my oldest daughter in the vehicle; she was three years old at the time. It was at night, which was difficult for me as I have night blindness and prefer to drive during daylight hours.

My front passenger side tire went off the side of the road and when trying to bring the vehicle back onto the road I panicked. Instead of stepping on the brake, I slammed my foot on the gas pedal and jerked swiftly and out of control onto the road. I threw myself over my daughter to protect her and had no idea that the truck literally ‘flew’ over the guard railing that ran along the riverbank. When the vehicle stopped with a jerk, I raised up to find broken glass everywhere, even embedded in the back of my head, neck and back. I thanked God that my daughter was ok.

I gathered her in my arms and crawled out of the truck and was making my way up the embankment when I saw the brightest light! I was thanking my lucky stars that another vehicle had witnessed the accident and was stopping to help. However, as I looked up the embankment towards the main road, there was no vehicle, but my dad! He was wearing a brown suit, hat, and was the most beautiful vision I had ever seen. He smiled, told me that help was on the way and that he would always be with me!

I heard sirens and knew that help was nearly there. I held my daughter tight as the tears flowed freely and did not find out until the next day that the only thing keeping us back from going into the river was a guide wire from a telephone pole lodged between the cab and back camper of the truck!

Over the last twenty-one years, I have visited my dad’s grave often. Several times a year I sit at his grave and tell him all about the goings on in my life just as if he were still sitting right there beside me when I was a child. I continue to thank him every single day for watching over my family and me.

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