Back In The Holler

Back In The Holler
Old Out House / Stock Photo

Newly married, my husband was excited to be taking me to visit and meet his Grandparents. All I knew about them and the area in which they lived was that it was back in what was referred to as a holler and that they continued to live without many modern day conveniences. They had electricity, but I found this to be their only convenience. No running water, nothing else that pertained to modern day. They continued to collect water needed from a natural mountain stream at the end of the holler. I found this intriguing considering it was 1985!

We were invited to stay the night. I needed to ‘relieve’ myself before turning in for the night and my husband escorted me to the outhouse. He had warned me in advance to not be frightened. When asked what he meant by that, he simply replied again that I should not be too concerned with anything I may experience. We headed back to the house, with me in awe of what my husband could have been referring to.

At approximately 10 p.m. I was lying on the bed when I heard what sounded like a vehicle trying to make its way up the drive. I sat up, looked out the window and even saw the headlights! I walked into the dining area where my husband’s Grandfather sat and told him that company was coming. He told me that there was no one coming. I repeated myself and again, he told me that no one was coming. I told him that I heard the car, saw the headlights, and even heard a door shutting. He then told me that it happens often. That one will hear a vehicle, see the headlights and even hear the vehicle door shutting, but that no one would be there.

I literally felt the hair on my arms stand up and chills went down my spine. Scared to death, I went into the room where my husband was lying and told him what I had experienced. He smiled and told me once again that he warned me not to be frightened. No one in the family could ever explain the experience. No one knew why or what the reason was for such a phenomenon.

This was twenty-three years ago and I have carried it with me always. I have never forgotten the experience and just last summer my husband and I re-visited the area. His Grandparents both passed away in the early 90’s. The house has fallen to ruin and the area itself is now blocked from allowing visitors. I wonder, though, if one particular vehicle has been blocked?

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