Death Messenger

Death Messenger
Silver Run Tunnel / Stock Photo

My grandfather, Christy Minks, had a farm by Silver Run south of the East Tunnel cut and part of the farm was actually on top of the tunnel. My dad was born 1894 in a log cabin by the tunnel. Dad claimed to have seen the “Ghost”. He also claimed to have seen several other ghostly figures. Grandmother lived on that farm all her adult life but never believed in ghosts. She said Railroaders were heavy drinkers and could see anything in the ghostly mists. Dad claimed ghostly lights would appear atop the hill ridges just before someone died. Dad said he heard a woman’s cry at night. Grandmother said it was the wind through the tunnel tuned by the safety man holes in the tunnel. There is an old little cemetery on the north side of the county road on the north side of the east tunnel cut. Dad had a lot of ghostly stories about the Silver Run area.

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