Grandpa Skip

Grandpa Skip
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My Grandpa Thomas A Bolinger Sr. was in the army in the sixty’s but eventually came down with and died from pneumonia when my dad was about nine years old. Since he died there have been several supernatural accounts with him.

In 1975 my mom Wanda Vandyke was laying on our couch at home by herself and she felt a breathing sensation on her shoulder. When my dad returned home later from work she told him of what had happened. His only response was that it was probably his dad.

Many years later in 1997 my sister Sheena was asleep on the couch at my grandmother’s house and woke up to knocking on the sliding door late at night. When she went to see who was there she saw our grandfather “Skip” standing at the door.

Then later that same year I had my experience with him. While my dad and I were going into town I looked over on the hill were my grandpa was buried and I saw him standing over his grave just staring into my eyes as if he knew what I was thinking.

Almost everyone I meet believes this because I’m not the kind of person to lie about these kinds of things.

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