Civic Center Ghost

Civic Center Ghost
Kingwood Civic Center / Theresa Marthey

This story did not happen to me but to my father. Back when my father was in his late teens he used to work at the Civic Center in Kingwood as a janitor. One night after a dance, my father and his friend had to buff and wax the floor. Since buffing and waxing the floor was a 2-step process they decided to catch up on some sleep while the floor dried.

This story takes place around 2 in the morning so it is very dark out and no one else is in the Civic Center. After locking all the doors and turning off the lights, they finally got to lay down.

When they were about to fall asleep, they heard footsteps coming from the bleachers as if someone was walking across them. The bleachers were all pushed in. The only place where someone could be walking was over 12 feet high. My father jumped up and turned on a small light that allowed them to see the top of the bleachers and no one was there. They checked all the doors and no one had entered the building nor left since they had locked them. My father is now 43 and he still believes he heard a ghost.

There have been other encounters in the Civic Center that I heard about, so I believe it is truly haunted.

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