Grandfather’s Steps

Grandfather’s Steps
Imprints on the Couch / Stock Photo

When I was 3 years old, my grandfather passed away. I didn’t know him much, but I can still remember some things of him, his cologne, the way he combed his hair, and the look of his face. His wife, who is my grandmother, she is still alive. She kept telling me she could hear foot steps in through the house, well, me being 20; I did not believe her until I stayed all night with her. It was a warm night in June of 2001, it was thundering lightly, and you could hear the taps of rain on the roof.

I couldn’t sleep at 1:30 in the morning, so I got up off the couch (where I was sleeping that night) and got a glass of water. Well, when I came back, there were butt prints in the couch as if someone was sitting there. I turned around and heard footsteps, just like my grandfather used to take. Therefore, I gently laid my head upon the pillow and dozed off. I felt something running down my spine. When I jumped up (because it felt like bugs), I seen my grandfather. Still to this day, you can hear his footsteps, and smell him when it is all quiet throughout the house.

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