Grandma’s Ghost

Grandma's Ghost
Spooky living room with an eerily glowing TV / AI Generated

My grandmother died in my house on December 23, 2004. Ever since, there has been a lot of strange things happen. For instance every night before my mother goes to bed; she turns the TV off and walks out of the room. Every night that TV comes on after she leaves the room. One day last week she turned it off and went to bed. I went in the living room to get something, and the TV came back on just as I walked in. It freaked me out and I told my mom she would have to turn it off because I wasn’t going back in there.

Another very strange thing happened about 3 weeks ago. My boyfriend had just moved in with us and was just getting home from work at 1:00 a.m. I work night shift and was working this particular night. I have a lock on my door on the inside. It’s one of the locks that you have to close the door all the way in order to lock it. I called my mother at 12:30 a.m. to tell her to set my clock for me, which she did while on the phone with me. When my boyfriend came home 30 minutes later the door was locked and he ended up having to break the door to get into the room since there is no way to unlock the door from the outside.

About a week later while coming home from work, my boyfriend past a little bridge and saw something he described as being big and black pass in front of his windshield, causing him to almost have an accident.

I drive my grandmother’s car now. One day, while driving, we had the heat on, being it was really cold. We were nice and warm, when all of a sudden it got really cold in there. We looked at the heater and it was off. No one had touched the heat in the car, since it was so cold out.

Tell me what you think. I really think there is something my grandmother needs to do, and until it’s done she will not rest.

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