Girls Will Be Girls

Girls Will Be Girls
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I am a 26 year old singer songwriter. This story has been heard only by my friends, all male and one female let’s call her Mary, only Mary did not hear the story, she lived it along with me.

I arrived in Bluefield in October of 1998 after answering an ad on a web site. A studio in Bluefield was interested in some of my songs. I am a starving musician and was not going to let an opportunity like this get away. I met the producer and we quickly became friends. Over a couple of days we worked on the music and he would tell me about hauntings, ghosts stories and about the famous Moth Man. It was all very amusing to me but not at all new; you see I am sort of a paranormal magnet. I don’t believe in ghosts, I think and believe ghosts are demons masquerading as ghosts. Anyway I was staying in the studio to save money and every night I would hear footsteps and loud banging. I would hear tiny little taps that resembled Morse code and feel cold gusts of wind, the studio would be dark and I mean dark. The only light I would get was from the blinking lights of the recording components. I would regularly feel someone or something touch me and most of the time caressing me all of this made me feel very uneasy. I am of Latin decent and consider myself “MACHO” but between us, I was scared. I didn’t want to stay there alone so I asked my producer to stay with me and he occasionally would, until he couldn’t take it any more and forked up some money so I could stay in a hotel and wouldn’t you know it the hotel was haunted as well, but that is another story.

It was the 31st of October, Halloween and my producer brought over a Ouija board and we played with it along with other friends but it just seemed to respond to me. The entity told me it was a ghost by the name of Amanda it said it lived in the studio and told me she was very fond of my singing and asked me to sing a song for her. So I picked up my guitar and sang a song I had been writing and as soon as I finished the song, the television in the waiting area where we were, turned on by itself, full blast and we could not turn down the volume or turn it off we had to disconnect it from the back. Our two friends that were with us at the time decided that was too much excitement for them and left. My producer and I kept playing with the board. The entity” Amanda” asked me to stay the night and promised it would not bother me, I agreed and stayed there she didn’t bother me but I would often feel as if she would caress all of my body and often heard beautiful humming. I often communicated with her through the Ouija board, it was as if I was addicted to that thing. I was having trouble finishing my recordings, all I could think of was Amanda. In some of the recordings you can hear unexplained sounds. I insisted we leave the recordings alone Amanda’s sounds and all and so we did.

One night I went out drinking with my producer and I met Mary. She was very interested in me and she ended up coming back to the studio with me. She didn’t like it much she said she would feel almost like a choking feeling every time she went inside, when we would be asleep Amanda would pull the covers away from us, when she would take a shower Amanda would turn up the hot water. She would get objects thrown at her while she was sleeping. Mary was scared but she stayed with me for the last week that I was there. I did not tell her about Amanda until the last day. I told her a few things that I had talked with Amanda about “via the Ouija board”, personal things like her age, how she died and stuff like that. Mary started crying and I asked her why? She said that her best friend’s name was Amanda but she had been dead for 3 years and every thing I had told her about Amanda was similar to her friend’s personal information. I was freaked out!! But I still don’t believe in ghosts like I said I believe they are demons masquerading as ghosts.

I still talk to Mary and she is still freaked out about the whole thing. However, she says she was happy to be close to Amanda one more time even if it was under those conditions. Mary still believes it was Amanda’s spirit we encountered. I still feel kind of creeped out about the whole thing but she jokes about it and says it was as if Amanda was still alive. She said they would always fight over guys and they were just fighting over me. Just like the good old days.

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