A Death Angel

A Death Angel
Williamson Memorial Hospital / WMH

The story didn’t happen to me but to my father who used to do security up at Williamson Memorial Hospital. He, for some odd reason got to know when the death angel was around. He would know when this angel would be around, because he could feel a cold presence up where he was standing.

This story in particular happened to an older lady, I don’t know her name but she was in the intensive care unit. Dad was on the third floor when he heard her calling from her hospital bed. Being a nice guy and doing his job, my daddy went to check things out. The old lady as my dad recalls kept asking dad to remove the man standing at the foot of her hospital bed and saying these words “IT WASN’T HER TIME TO GO.” Dad believed that the old woman knew the presence, that what she was seeing in the room was the death angel. Dad said he would try his best to help her in anyway possible and she asked him not leave her and stay in her room until the man left. So being a nice man and all my dad stayed in the room until she said that he had went away. After about ten minutes my dad left the room… dad told me after the ten minutes that he had been gone that he was just standing right around the corner from the room in the hall way when he felt the cold presence. About that time dad said he heard her heart monitor go off and that she passed away before the nurse and doctors could assist her. The nurse and staff tried their hardest but it was too late. The death angel as my dad recalls had taken another.

I do believe this story that my dad has told me. It very much is true because my dad is not a type a guy to lie about something like this and this is only one out of a lifetime of experiences. I just felt like this was one of the scariest but then again I don’t know because my dad has seen and heard and so have I. There are many other different kinds of ghosts. Each with their own story, some unexplained and most not even scary. But we never really talk much about them to other people cause we don’t want them to think we are crazy. I don’t care if you believe this or not. It comes from my daddy and I know for a fact that his stories and mine are and will always be true and passed on throughout our family.

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