Ghosts Of My Past

Ghosts Of My Past
Ghostly Grandmother / Stock Photo

When I was around three or four years old, I was sitting in the living room of my old house. I was watching T.V. and my mother said she was going to take a shower. About three months earlier, my grandmother had died in her sleep. She was 84 years old.

I happened to look over about 5 minutes after my mother had left and I saw my grandmother standing there in a white light surrounding her. She told me that she was alright and that everything would be fine. I got so scared I nearly peed my self. I ran into the bathroom where my mother was and she strangely had a very pale face.

I told her what I had seen and heard and she said that she also heard my grandmother speaking which would have been normally impossible to hear is that the bathroom was about 5 rooms down. This was only the beginning of my grandmother’s visits.

10 years later, after my sister was born, we were in a different house for almost 9 years. We started to have strange occurrences in the house. Lights would come on by themselves along with the TV and you could also see things in the dark like a person standing beside you.

One day, my sister all of 2 decides to take a trip to my room in the attic. I start to hear her scream and so I run up to see what was wrong. Nothing was apparently wrong so I ask what had happened. She told me she had seen a lady. “The Lady Scare me,” she said. I just started to pop off things from the top of my head and finally realize what it could be.

Several other different things happened including me seeing my grandmother for the last time. Another year passed and my little brother has now turned 1. I am starting to think that my grandmother’s appearances have something to do with the children that are in my family. She loved us dearly. Hopefully, she is my Guardian Angel.

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