Emmett My Ghost

Emmett My Ghost
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This is a true story about something I saw when I was around 5 or 6 years old. We had just moved into a new house when I started seeing a man named Emmett. Emmett was super nice to me and he never let me get hurt on anything. Emmett would always get me whatever I wanted if it was too high up for me to reach. (Which made my mom and dad wonder how I got it.)

My mom thought I had an imaginary friend. I talked about Emmett all the time. He was my best friend at that time. Mom asked me what he looked like and how old was he? I described him to her and she shook her head. The problem with Emmett being my imaginary friend was that I never saw Emmett when I was away from the house.

One day I tried to cross the street and almost got hit. The only thing that saved me was Emmett. He grabbed my shirt by the back and pulled me to him. He never left the sidewalk. I cried. Mom whipped me and Emmett got mad.

I was scared so I told mom she made Emmett mad. She just laughed. She had been telling the landlord about my imaginary friend earlier in the day and he had told her some news. She had a picture he had given her and she wanted me to look at it. She had some other pictures with it and when she came to one of them I recognized my friend Emmett. I told her who it was and she turned white.

We moved that night to my grandmother’s house. I never knew why we moved until I got older. I asked my mom about leaving Emmett when I was little and she said Emmett was a real person who had died in the house. The picture I picked out was of him. I had never seen this man before we moved there and she had never known him. When I told her he was mad and then seen the pictured and identified him her and my dad decided to move. Neither one of them wanted to live in a house with a ghost, especially one who was mad at them because of me.

I still remember Emmett but I don’t really remember thinking at the time he was a ghost. Has anyone else had any encounters like this?

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