Elkins Ghost

Elkins Ghost
Forest Festival, Elkins WV / William Brandon / flickr
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In the city of Elkins, home to the forest festival, there are many ghosts around. But this one is in my house.

I live across a bridge in the Gilmore area of Elkins. There is a ghost in my house. A young woman that died on the property in 1860. She moves stuff all the time. At one point she took all the steak knives and stuck them in the yard. She doesn’t hurt anyone. She is fun but can be very scary. Like every Halloween, she throws stuff at the walls at exactly midnight. She makes terrible noises but is really nice. She also haunts the hill behind our house. She breaks twigs and branches. And sometimes trees. Anyways, just thought I’d tell you. But there are other ghosts in downtown Elkins. But that’s another story.

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