Dry Bridge Farm

Dry Bridge Farm
Burned Farm House / Stock Photo

This house was built in the 1700’s by a man by the last name of Fairfax. I have all the data on it. I had heard when I was a child that my mother (who later died in the house) had seen apparitions. I know when I grew up there I felt “something”. Even after growing up and moving away, something always drew me back there to this place.

Every time I would come back to the Charles Town area I would always go to this old childhood farm, and the doors would always be locked. On one occasion several years ago I went there and to my amazement the door was unlocked. I felt a sense when I walked through the door of almost “being back home” and it was where I was supposed to be. It was great going back to my old home-place and actually going inside the house, which I had not done for many years.

I strolled through the entire house for several hours, but I had the continual feeling like “I wasn’t alone” I finally left and on walking up through the yard to my car, I just felt like if I turned around I would have seen someone at one of the windows looking out. I turned and looked but saw nothing.

Several weeks later I had the occasion to take my son (who was around 9 or 10 at the time) to the farmhouse. I wanted him to see where I had spent my childhood. As soon as we walked down to the house, the first thing I noticed was that the 4 wooden steps that led into the house, had been literally destroyed! They looked like someone had actually took a sledgehammer to them.

Upon going closer and looking onto the porch (where the steps led up to) I noticed that the one window which faced the dining/living-room area was completely busted out. It looked to me like it had been busted from the inside out. It was really strange. I climbed up onto the porch though and helped my son up. We entered the house and immediately I felt like “something definitely wasn’t right.” I continued on with my son behind me (at first I didn’t tell him I felt anything) through the kitchen area and turned and went into the dining/living-room area. I felt at that time like “something” wanted to do me harm. I felt extreme fear. The kind that crawls up your spine and makes the hair stand up.

I told my son to immediately leave the same way we had come in and to not ask any questions but to leave. After we had left and we started up through the yard towards our car, I turned and I had the strangest feeling that “something or someone” wanted me. Almost like this “something or someone” wanted my soul or something. Like almost my soul was destined to live there forever. I felt very uneasy, but at the same time extreme relief that I was out of that house. I kind of felt like the “spirits” which I always believed were in the house since I lived there as a child were somehow “angry” that I was there, but at the same time, “they wanted me”. I think they could have been very angry the 1st time I was there because of the broken steps and the broken window.

Ironically, just a few weeks later, the house burned to the ground. Authorities say it was arson, but I’m not so sure. Even as a child I knew something wasn’t completely “right” in the house. You would hear alot of noises in the house, footsteps on the stairs, shadows, etc. I believe this was a very active house. Even now when I still go back there to where the house stood, you still feel like “something is there.”

This would definitely be a worthwhile investigation. I took pictures the first time I was there and there is a very bright glow coming from an upstairs bedroom window that I definitely couldn’t explain. And it looks like a lady walking from the front porch of the house.

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