A Ghost and a Coon Hunt

A Ghost and a Coon Hunt
Coon Hunting / Stock Photo

My son and I were coon hunting in the Fort Gay area of Wayne Co. On this night we had a pretty good young 14 month old Red Bone hound with us. He had treed 2 nice coons and we were getting ready to leave for home.

We called for the dog and he was coming in but when he was about 30 or 40 yards out he opened on another track. But when he made the strike it was not right. My son said that bark did not sound right and I agreed. Bill (the dog’s name) was not known as a dog to run anything but coon. So I was not too concerned about the bark not sounding right.

Bill took off running after that thing, the chase lasted 2 maybe 3 minutes. When he sounded his location bark and started his chop bark we started for what we thought was the tree. He ran that track maybe 200 or so yards. All of a sudden he changed his bark and now he seemed to be barking into a hole.

When we got to him we found him in a country graveyard. And he was digging on a grave and eating the dirt from it. Well we got him, put the lead on him and walked him back to the truck.

Before this night I had always heard this land we were on was haunted but I never felt it was until that night. Now the name on that grave I will not tell because this story is true. But I will tell you that I knew the man before he died.

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