Burned Souls

Burned Souls
Watching Television / Stock Photo

Story has it that about 20 years ago, a woman and her two children had a house down below where my double-wide is now. The kids were playing with matches and caught the house on fire while their mother was asleep. They burned to death. Well, one night during Christmas break my friend Rebbecca spent the night with me. We were watching TV and we heard someone laughing. It sounded like children laughing.

Well, I told Becky about the story and she really freaked out. We decided to have a midnight snack. As we walked into the kitchen we saw a woman rocking in a rocking chair. (We didn’t have one). So that’s what got us really scared. We ran into my pop paws room, he said we were seeing things. We tried to sleep but the laughing kept us up.

The next morning we got up, the rocking chair was not there. We went outside to ride the 4-wheeler. And there laid a ball beside my window.

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