Apartment 17

Apartment 17
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It all started about ten years ago, I had just lost my job and was looking for a cheap place to live. I was looking in the paper when I found a low-income apartment for rent. I called about it to make sure it was still empty. When I found out where it was I went over there to put in my application. I got a call about two or three days later to come and look at it if I still wanted it.

When I saw it and saw how good it looked, I told them I would take it. I started moving in the next day because I wanted to get in it as soon as I could. Once I got settled in I noticed the air was not working. I called maintenance and they told me it worked just fine. The next day I turned on the air and it was not working. It was so hot in that apartment you could set still and be ringing wet with sweat. I called a second time and was told it was working good. I put up with that for about a month and finally they changed the filter and then it started working.

There were other strange things that happened as well, the microwave would turn on by itself, I would wake up and look all over the place for my keys and they would be in the lock of the door on the outside. Sometimes the TV would turn itself on and off, you could turn the bathroom light off at night and in the morning, and it would be turned on.

One day I was going down stairs getting ready to go to my mom’s when the old woman that lived down below me asked me “Why do you walk the floors at night?” I told her “I don’t, when I get home I eat something then go to bed.”

“Well what is that dragging sound I hear all night long?” she asked. “It must be the woman across from me.” I said to her.

When I got back from mom’s the other lady down stairs asked me “Did you know what happened to the last person who lived in your apartment?” “No” I said, “Well he died right there were your couch is sitting.”

“You’re kidding,” I said. “No, come to think about it everyone who has lived in that apartment has died in it”, she said.

I did not believe her, so I asked the maintenance men, and they told me the same thing. It was not long after that I moved out.

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