Baby Crying

Baby Crying
Approaching Train / Stock Photo

I use to live in Crum, WV in 1997. I stayed with my granny Debbie a lot in Marbone. Her house was close to the railroad tracks.

Late one summer night my cousin Johnny and I were out playing. We could hear a baby crying. We went to investigate. The crying came from near the tracks. We never did see anything or told anybody.

Three nights later, we were walking home and heard it again, so we investigated. It sounded like the baby was over the hill. Johnny fell and broke his leg. I ran and got help and we took him to the hospital. My granny told us to never investigate that baby crying again.

It wasn’t until I was sixteen when I heard a story about a lady who was running from her husband because he beat her, it was late and she tripped on the tracks because her foot got stuck. A train was coming so she tossed the two-month-old so that he would not get hit by the train. She was killed and the baby landed in the creek and drowned. Now you can hear the baby crying and sometimes you can see his mommy walking the tracks.

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