A Searching Soul

A Searching Soul
Terra Alta, WV Road Sign / Stock Photo

My grandmother lives in Terra Alta WV. It is a very small town where everyone knows everyone. She lives on top of a hill that somewhat overlooks the town, on the same road my Great Aunt has a house there and so does my great grandmother. My grandmother is not the skinniest of women but every once in awhile she will walk up to her mother’s house to visit (it’s about 2 houses up the road)

One night it was the end of the summer, she was getting ready to leave and wanted my great grandmother to walk her back down to her house, so that she could pick up some jam that she had made for her. On the way down the road my grandmother looked up and saw a woman with somewhat of a white hue around her and she bolted to her house my great grandmother got so mad because she was left behind with the scary woman. When they got to the house, my grandmother asked if she had seen her and my great grandmother had said yes, but the woman disappeared into the woods.

Later we found out that a neighbor had seen the same type of phenomenon and reported the woman dying out into the woods. There was a small cabin about a mile back in the woods that burnt down in the 1900’s a woman lost her only child and husband in the fire. We all believe that the ghost continues to look for her family.

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