A Haunting On Mud Fork (Island Creek)

A Haunting On Mud Fork (Island Creek)
Mud Fork, WV / Stock Photo

So many things took place at my childhood home, so many that it’s hard to know where to begin. I’m 27 years, married w/child, and moved to a different part of the county, however, I feel as though I am still visited on occasion.

I suppose I should narrow the field to one story, this seems like a good idea as there are many events having taken place in and around the old company house where I spent my first 18 years.

I think it was a Saturday, definitely a summer day, was about 13-15. Mother was in the bathroom preparing for the day. I had just finished making breakfast (bacon & eggs w/fried potatoes) when I was portioning out the food at the table. Now, even though I was alone in the room and she was in another part of the house, what happened next disturbs me greatly to this day. I had distributed the food almost evenly between the two plates, save the eggs, which I awarded myself the greater portion.

Just as I was about to turn and leave the table a plate “slid” across the table! What I mean to say is it propelled itself from one side to the other resting in front of me. As if to say “What about me?”

Immediately I went to tell Mother what had happened. At first I was calm, but as I was relaying what happened I began to “lose it.” It was as if saying the words aloud made it real, like not telling anyone would allow me to tell myself it’s just my imagination. Only I knew it had happened, right before my eyes.

It took us a while to put it together, but Mother and I figured that it was her deceased boyfriend “Oliver.” You see the plate had moved from his place setting, its original location, all the way across a dressed table, coming to rest inches from the edge directly in front of me.

I can’t really explain it, but this is, in my mind proof of something just beyond the realm of our five senses, letting us know that it’s there. Sometimes we can sense it in one way or another or perhaps not at all. Realize this though; there IS something, someone around us at all times. We may not be conscious of a presence but they/it/he/she is with us.

This is only one episode to occur at this address, many “unexplainable” events took place in my presence. I only hope to someday have answers.

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