The Creek Beds

The Creek Beds
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One night three of my friends and I went seeking adventure in some creek beds in South Charleston. The friends I went with had told numerous stories involving one particular section of woodland in the area, all of which involved sightings of similar creatures.

We arrived at the area, which is a creek bed in a low valley lined with several rock overhangs. The sky went pitch black and a shadowy black dog-like creature appeared at one end of the creek. It began to travel upstream, toward us, then disappeared.

When the dog disappeared a strange creature, about 3 feet tall, bipedal, with a leathery skin appeared. He perched upon a rock and seemed to dance, hopping back and forth. The creature appeared to be corporeal, its skin was a dark color, and its limbs were disproportionately long and thin. It had a head similar in shape to that a rabbit, with long ears like a rabbit. The creature had hands and feet, the fingers and toes were also disproportionately long.

As the creature hopped upon the stone we became captivated by it and did not notice the second one, just like it, that was creeping up on the truck we were standing beside. We took note of it when it was approximately three feet from us. Its eyes were blood red and glowing. We jumped into the truck and drove away hastily, as we were uncertain of why the creature had come so close to us.

This venture was the only time, according to the others who accompanied me, that these creatures were that large, or corporeal. The majority of the time, they are about 6 inches tall and are shadowy and black, and do not approach people, but zip around in a flying fashion.

We are submitting this in hopes that someone knows what these things are called, or can tell us anything about them.

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