The Cabin Orb

The Cabin Orb
Blue Orb / Stock Photo

I was visiting my great aunt around 2 years ago in Huntington. My now passed grandfather’s childhood home sits at the top of the hill behind her house. I went to take pictures of the old cabin with my aunt’s camera. I was standing at the bottom of the hill at around 6:30 in June so it was still very light. I had taken many pictures already and they all looked normal. In the last picture I took, I noticed something on the right side of the cabin. I realized it was a blue orb, but I thought it was a glare of light. Well, when I looked at the picture I took not 20 seconds before that one, there was nothing there or in the picture after that.

I was very scared of what it could be, and I made my aunt delete it off the camera. She told me not to be scared because of it most likely my grandfather’s spirit. She told me a story that night at his funeral.

At his funeral in 2006, I was only 2 years old. My aunt had taken me to the bathroom and she noticed that I was looking all around and giggling. She asked me what it was, and I said, “The blue light, it’s grandpa being silly.” She told me she never saw anything in that bathroom. When she told me that story I felt very relieved and happy that it was him. I told her that I wished she hadn’t deleted the picture. It turns out she didn’t and I’m very glad she didn’t.

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