The She-Devil

The She-Devil
Light coming through Window Blinds / Stock Photo

This story even leaves me a little bit skeptical, which is odd because I am a firm believer in ghosts and the like, but it is still a little hard to grasp.

It is a story of an experience that my mother had when she was around 11 or 12 years old in my Great Grandmother’s house. This is where we both grew up.

The house was once a mine boarding house, just like many of the others in our community. They all have the same basic structure, but many have had additions built on since they were sold after the mines closed. Ours is no exception.

Soon after the house was purchased, my Great Grandfather built two bedrooms on the back of the house. The one furthest back has always been notorious for being haunted, so naturally whenever any of us girls had a sleep-over through the years, we insisted on staying in that room. My mom and her friend were spending one night back there in the middle of the summer. They had the window blinds raised a little bit to let some of the cool night air in.

Around 11:30 that night, Mom started to notice a light glowing from under the blind, which was odd because there are no lights on that side of the house and it is for the most part, pitch dark. This caught her interest so she took the flashlight that Grandpa made her keep with her and went to the bathroom. The bathroom has a window that directly faces the window that she saw the light coming from.

Now keep in mind that my mother still gets spooked just from telling this story and to this day refuses to even go into the back room at night, and she is perfectly sane and not one to be scared easily.

What she saw in the window was a tall, slender female-like creature. It has dark smooth skin and small eyes that appeared to be red in color. The eyes reflected the light from the flashlight and gave off a fierce red glow. Mom just stood there for what seemed like several minutes almost mesmerized by the hideous creature that had been watching her. When she came to her senses, she yelled for my grandfather. When she yelled the creature glared at her and let out a hissing cry before running off up the hill into the thick woods behind the house.

When Grandpa finally got there to see what was wrong, Mom was in tears, and the creature was gone.

I have lived in that very same house since my great grandparents adopted me as an infant. While I have heard my share of unexplained “bumps in the night”, I have yet to experience the she-devil that visited my mother. I am hoping that I never do.

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