Logan Bigfoot Seen

Logan Bigfoot Seen
Bigfoot / Stock Photo

I had walked down to the game room about five minutes below my house (which is on a hill up against a mountain). Around 11-11:30pm, as I started walking back home, I heard some kind of a loud noise like a woman screaming. I spotted something on the mountain standing beside the light pole on the other end of my home. When I got to the top of my hill I froze in fear not knowing what it was, and it just watched me. About ten minutes later my neighbor (which has a 2-story home) seen me just standing there, he said he knew something was wrong because I would not answer him when he hollered at me.

I saw the tall dark thing looking towards my neighbor’s house. I ran behind our building outside, but I could still see it. It kept standing there, about five minutes had gone by and my neighbor has his gun running up the hill to see what was wrong. That thing seen him and turned and ran/walked back onto the mountain. I was so terrified, and it had scared my dog so bad that she hid under my neighbor’s porch.

Finally, my neighbor got on the hill where I was at and I explained to him what I saw. It was about 9-10ft tall, long dark fur from head to toe, and it walked/ran in long strides. My dad and Roger (neighbor) tells me to get in the house. They have their guns and they seen footprints about 18 to 20 inches long or more. The weeds and limbs on the trees were torn off as if someone had taken a weed-whacker to them.

The next night my neighbor was laying down in his daughter’s room on the couch watching her, when all of a sudden something hit his sliding doors so hard that it knocked his curtain rods and all down. He grabbed his gun, goes outside and did not see anything. He puts the curtains back up and goes to see if he can hit the doors and knock the curtains down. He could not hit it hard enough, so he said whatever it was had to be at least nine or ten ft tall to be able knock them down. He saw the same footprints in his yard the next morning. Bigfoot is on the prowl!

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