The Haunted House In Jackson County

This is a ghostly story experienced by my cousins. As a child growing up in Dunbar, I always loved visiting my favorite cousins in Kenna, Jackson County. I could hardly wait for the time we spent playing in the woods, riding horses, and all of the things country children get to do... so I was always a bit disappointed when I was not often asked to spend the night.

On one occasion my two cousins and I stayed up until 5:00 in the morning playing barbies, this was unusual, but they insisted we play till daylight. Years later when they moved they finally told me they were afraid I would never come back if I experienced the "ghost".

My entire family found this hilarious, until further explanation. Things flew off shelves, items just disappeared, and strange noises and smells were frequent. On one occasion, my eldest cousin Lorrie and her friend were sleeping in her bed, and a very large black figure came out of the closet and stood by the bed. Needless to say the friend NEVER spent the night again.

The haunted activity always happened in Lorrie's bedroom, and after years of this her mother finally shared these events with a neighbor, only to be informed that about two years prior to them moving in, the former owner had indeed committed suicide in what was now Lorrie's bedroom!

My cousin looked this up, and indeed the woman had shot herself in the head around 3:00 pm one evening, she had baked a batch of brownies, laid them on the kitchen table for her children who would be shortly arriving home from school, then went into her bedroom and killed herself.. Needless to say my cousins sold this house as soon as possible.

I have no more information on this, but I know it is something rarely discussed with them, my cousin has had encounters with dead loved ones and seems to have been given some sort of second sight after these experiences, like they left her with some kind of psychic gifts.. I still wonder about the goings on in the house today, and get a little chill just thinking about it!

The Haunted House In Jackson County
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