Early Morning School Bus Stop Scare 2

Early Morning School Bus Stop Scare 2
School Bus on Country Road / Stock Photo

It was 6:50 am on January 13, 2006. Friday the 13th. It was unusually warm for a January morning.

My kids, as usual went out the door to catch the school bus at the top of the driveway. I always keep a watch out the living room window until they get on the bus.

After standing at the top of the hill for just a couple of minutes, my 11 year old son, Jonathan, came running back down the hill, running across the front porch, and in the door all excited and scared at the same time.

A noise. A LOUD noise coming from the sky was heard. Jonathan said it sounded like loud static, like what you hear on a TV when there is no signal/reception. He said they heard it several times. The sound would last about 4 seconds, then stop for a few seconds, then do it again. It did it about four or five times.

I told Jonathan to go back up to the bus stop and I would step out on the back deck, and listen for the sound myself. I stood on the back deck for maybe a minute. I walked to the edge of the deck, and hollered around the house to the kids that I don’t hear anything. It must have stopped. I then heard, far away, the bus coming. It had just rounded a curve on up the road from us (about 1/4 mile away), and I could see the headlights. I then hollered back up to the kids that the bus was coming. The bus stopped up the road from us to pick up the two boys (ages 9 and 11) that live in the house above us.

Then I heard it. One loud burst of static, exactly the sound I heard, which I had described as a rocket booster sound on a rocket in another story I have posted on here (Triangular UFO seen overhead). I stood at the back door listening as the kids were picked up and the bus went on its way.

I stood at the back door for several minutes. No sound was heard again. I then went back inside, locked the door and turned off the lights in the living room. I went upstairs to check on my oldest daughter, Sarah, who was staying home from school that day. I went back down stairs, and climbed back into bed. I laid there thinking about the noise.

About 1/2 hour or so after I had went back to bed (around 7:30 am??), Sarah (age 17), said she heard a faint rumble sound overhead, like a train rumbling by (we have no train tracks around for miles). She said the tin roof on the house started, what she described as, shaking. The rumbling got louder and she said whatever it was flew over our house slowly. It took maybe 10 seconds for it to pass over the hill and was gone. After it passed over the hill, the tin roof on the house stopped “shaking”. Sarah said she was too scared to go to the window and look out.

I never heard it downstairs. I have a humidifier running in my bedroom and it drowns out any noise inside and outside the house.

When my older kids got home from school, they told what happened when they got on the bus that morning. They said the bus driver asked them if they heard a loud noise. The driver said the boys, who caught the bus up the road from us, got on the bus terrified, telling him all about what they heard. They heard the same thing! The noise had scared them to death!

So, this time we aren’t the only one’s that heard it. We aren’t imagining things.

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